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mybike_1.gif (139149 bytes) mybike2.gif (203506 bytes)
I took up mountain biking in the summer of 2000 and fell in love with it.

This is my 2000 Brodie.  Laurie has a bike too, but doesn't ride much any more after hurting her neck last year. 

We ride the trails around Salmon Arm ... most of the riding requires full-face helmet, knee pads etc. (I was glad I was wearing my full-face helmet when I broke my collarbone last summer!). Click on any picture to enlarge ...

Update...summer 2002 I broke my collar bone and banged up some ribs...don't like being down for that long...may have to think up another sport.


DSC00672.JPG (105607 bytes)
Kevin on a steep.


DSC00673.JPG (89878 bytes)
Kevin crashing on a steep.
DSC00674.JPG (97893 bytes)
Smilin ridin it out!


24hr_1.jpg (80758 bytes)
Um can I go home now?
24hr_2.jpg (83525 bytes)
Kevind best lap at the 24hr
45 minutes!
24hr_3.jpg (68028 bytes)
Ian wanting to quit.

North Van
Not me but I love the photo

North Van
Again not me but great shot
rock.jpg (74532 bytes)
Laurie took these 2 photos
one day when I was bored and
no one would go riding with me.
ramp (1).jpg (125183 bytes)
Second Laurie photo
laird.gif (405006 bytes)
Laird...nice tongue
smilin.gif (439686 bytes)
Smilin' Mike lookin' cool
subbun.gif (171609 bytes)
Malcolm on the sub bun
ian&jen.gif (168350 bytes)
Ian and Jen
(Ian is on the left)
thegang.gif (203999 bytes)
The gang after a good ride
rubberhead_1.gif (166707 bytes)
Gettin' ready to hit the trail
logcrawl_1.gif (164706 bytes)
Kevin on a log crawl
breakdown.gif (223077 bytes)
Kevin broke down...again
dabikes.gif (218307 bytes)
My and Ian's bike after Ian overhauled his!
ians1.gif (211335 bytes)
Ian's new ride after overhaul...sweet huh?


malcsfall.gif (410820 bytes)
The next photo would've been better,
but I had to scramble to dodge the flying
 bike and body.


More to come ...